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Indie What What?

What's an Indie Fiction Syndicate?

ˈɪndi ˈfɪkʃən ˈsɪndɪkɪt

Indie Fiction Syndicates (infisyns | IFS), are start-up enterprises in the media property management industry. They design, create, manage and license their own media property to the public through various media channels.
Fiction brands/franchises are becoming the goto concept for the modern entertainment industry, and the examples above are some of the most widely known in the business. But breaking into this industry as a start-up is costly and time-consuming.

What We Do

We build bespoke software!

Our Software Includes:

A powerful world history system and database
An intelligent project management and creation system (stories)
A feature-rich and super simple publishing system for creating eBooks
An internal ecommerce system with built-in PayPal integration for sales
A built-in accounting system to manage distribution of commissions to team collaborators
An internal library system for fans to either read eBooks on site or download in a variety of formats

Our Portfolio

Here are the syndicates we operate and manage at the moment.
  • Caladria


    Caladria is the first IFS we created. It has a fantasy setting, and includes most generic high fantasy races. With a history stretching roughly 17,000 years, and over 2,800 regions to play in, it's a world you'll fall in love with immediately.


  • Simlandia


    Coming Soon


  • Nyranen


    Coming Soon


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